We are proud to have such a rich and varied group of specialists who help round out our students’ learning experience.

A major component of The College School experience is our Specialist teachers. Along with working with their classroom teachers both in and outside of the building, students are able to more deeply explore other disciplines with our Specialists.

Performing Arts


Meet Scott

Scott shares his love of all things theatrical with his students – be it Shakespeare or constructing production sets. The confidence and articulation of our students (that you will find exceptionally distinctive to The College School) stem from Scott’s expert tutelage and regular experience to perform and speak in front of others.

Musical Arts

Meet Carl

Meet Carl

Instrumental and vocal music is ever-present at The College School under the guidance of our music performing arts teacher, Carl. Novice mallet work transforms to accomplished strumming, and enthusiastic singers become veritable vocalists over the years. Carl also supports school-wide performances by providing live accompaniment, directing our bi-annual art shares, and composing original pieces that become part of our school history.


Meet John and Max

As avid adventure and outdoor educators, you will likely find John and Max amidst seedlings and topsoil in our 350 sq. ft greenhouse. They help our students learn the impact of personal and community choices on the environment and guides all of our students to become good environmental stewards. In addition, John and Max work with our chef, Monica Watson, to support the food program by integrating the Greenhouse, gardens, classrooms, and kitchen.

Visual Arts

Meet Jordan

A artist and art therapist in her own right, Jordan brings skill and expertise leading her students through a variety of visual art concepts including sculpture, bookmaking, and paint. Her large studio space allows for exploration of many different skills, and her curriculum can be tied directly into a classroom theme or stand alone.