The Annual Fund is the core of The College School’s fundraising efforts. Annual Fund dollars are unrestricted funds, which directly support the school’s operating budget. Our gift will help us provide an exceptional education for our students today.

You may pledge immediately and pay anytime prior to May 31. Unlike tuition payments, Annual Fund gifts are tax deductible. Our parents recognize that the Annual Fund is an essential part of their commitment to The College School and give generously each year. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 314-962-9355.



Recognition Levels

Monarch  —  $10,000+

Urban  —  $5,000

Wilderness  —  $2,000

Reggio  —  $1,000

The Wagon Train  —  up to $999

TCS Society honors those who contribute most generously to the Annual Fund

All who contribute at these levels receive recognition and have the satisfaction of knowing that they contributed substantially to the quality education that is TCS. Donors at the $1,000+ level and above are recognized at the annual Leadership Dinner in February.

Ways to GIve

Given the importance of the Annual Fund to the pursuit of excellence at The College School, we ask that you make as generous and meaningful a contribution as you can. Gifts of any size make a significant impact at TCS, and we hope you will consider making the school a priority in your charitable giving. Support the Annual Fund by making a pledge today. Then submit your payment before May 31 OR complete your gift online by visiting:

If your securities are held by a brokerage house or company, contact your broker and decide which securities and how many would be best to donate. Send or fax TCS a copy of the letter of instruction (which your broker will require). Then, have your broker contact TCS for wire transfer instruction.

Donors often see cash gifts as the only way to support The College School. In reality, giving securities, stock, real estate, mutual funds or bonds may be beneficial to both you and the school

You may benefit by:

  • avoiding capital gains taxes
  • increasing charitable deductions
  • lowering your estate taxes

An important note
Always send TCS a letter, fax, or email clearly stating the details when you are giving a gift of securities. Not only do we need this information for tax purposes, but it helps us determine which stock gift is yours and how your gift is to be used.

Alumni Gifts


A suggested formula for young alumni who are less than ten years from graduation: $10 for each year, including year of graduation.

Example formula for 2011 Alumni:
(5 years since graduation ) x $10 = $50 gift