The Student Support Center (SSC) partners with teachers, students, parents, and outside professionals to work to ensure the academic and social success of every student at The College School. The Student Support Centers helps different students at The College School in different ways to help them reach their highest potential.

The SSC directly helps individual students and unique learners who have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities or profiles or who need specific academic, social and emotional support. You may see the SSC in action through:

  • Support and planning around Individualized Learning Plans
  • Small group support for academic, social, emotional needs
  • Guidance in navigating and requesting outside resources when, and if, appropriate

The SSC also helps the entire school community (students, faculty, parents) on the broader level of student academic and social growth and empowerment through:

  • Student Assessments
  • Parent Partnership
  • Communicating between faculty, administration and academic units

Student Support Center Leadership
Abby Burch, Learning Specialist