We both nurture and challenge the whole child as they develop academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Since 1992, The College School’s Early Childhood Program has been inspired by the educational approach of the renowned preschool programs in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The College School’s program is known nationally and internationally as a result of our own particular application of the Reggio Approach.

We have combined The College School’s dynamic experiential program with the Reggio philosophy’s strong history of exploration of the many languages of young children and careful documentation of children’s thinking. Each day, the Early Childhood Program holds many possibilities for creating, expressing ideas and working together. Walk into our preschool, and you will observe children interacting in small and large groups as they express themselves in a hundred languages, including dialogue, music, dance, construction, art, drama, cooking, science, and math. Teachers regularly document the children’s work and ideas through photography, videotape, displays and writing, as they strive to support each child’s capabilities and potential to the fullest extent.

Questions for the Sunflowers: A Yearlong Kindergarten Project

Big Bend Cat Compassion

The Atelier

Atelier is the French word for art studio. At The College School, our Atelier serves the artistic hub for children’s experiences. Our Atelier is equipped with infinite resources that are used by all the children and adults. A vital part of every Reggio Emilia program, the atelier contains a wide range of media and materials that foster creativity and learning through exploration, creation, cognition, and reflection. The College School Atelier is equipped with easels, paints, drawing materials, clay, wire, collage objects, and a multitude of natural and recycled materials.




Page through this faculty-authored resource to better understand the philosophy and curriculum behind our Early Childhood program.