The College School is overseen by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.
Their primary responsibilities include:

  • The school’s financial well-being.
  • Hiring, supporting and evaluating the Head of School.
  • Establishing major school policies.
  • Maintaining and updating the school’s long range strategic plan on a regular basis.

The Board consists of approximately 16-25 members, including one faculty representative and the president of the Parent Crew. The majority of the Board’s work is conducted through sub-committees that meet monthly, including: Executive, Trustee, Buildings & Grounds, Personnel, Communications, Finance, and Advancement. The Head of School meets monthly with members of the Executive Committee, to discuss upcoming Board agendas, personnel issues, and other school matters between Board meetings.

The College School’s Board of Trustees, 2018-2019


Anthony Hasek, President
Stephanie Dents, Vice President, Trustee Committee Chair
Adam Steinberg, Treasurer
Tom Clark, Secretary


Mindi Brothers, Enrollment Management Committee Chair
Kathy Casso
Dionne Grabowski, Advancement Committee Chair
Shaun Hautly, Co-Chair Equity & Inclusion Committee
Sion Levy
Carl Pelofsky, Head of School

Natalie Pinson
Ben Slen, Finance Committee Chair
Mark Smith
Nick Strothmann, Parent Crew Representative
Jeff Todisman, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair
Kathleen Unwin
Stefani Weeden-Smith, Co-Chair, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Heather Walka, Faculty Representative
Andrew Yee