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August 7, 2020 

After much deliberation and consideration, we are announcing our plan for the beginning of the school year.

TCS will return to campus gradually, as we believe a slower, more deliberate opening will allow us to function as safely as possible. 

St. Louis County has recommended in a recent letter to school leaders that schools start “as virtual as possible,” and we are following that recommendation. While we are confident in our On-Campus Learning Plan and believe it will mitigate risk and limit the spread of COVID-19, we known given the spike in cases in St. Louis County and the uncertainty that in-person school presents, it is most prudent to gradually return to campus for the safety and health of our children, our staff and faculty, and our families.

Our planned schedule is as follows:

  • August 19-September 16: 100% virtual, all grades;
  • September 16: PS-K returns to campus fully, all other grades remain virtual;
  • September 23: Lower Division returns to campus fully, Upper Division continues virtually. Students (including Upper Division) may take day trips during this time if conditions allow;
  • September 30: Upper Division returns to campus fully.

Upon our return to campus, students who need to quarantine or are not comfortable returning can access core curriculum and specialist classes through our blended learning model. 

We are aware that a number of schools do plan to open in person, at least part-time. However, we believe delaying our return will better inform us in several ways:

  • First, we will continue to monitor local COVID-19 cases and trends;.
  • Second, we will continue our collaboration with other schools to allow us to identify the challenges they face during their respective reopenings, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person;
  • Third, with a gradual reopening of our campus, we can begin with small numbers of the youngest students who, based on a widely-held opinion by health professionals supported by data, are at the lowest risk for both acquiring and transmitting the virus.

These dates are, of course, subject to change based on public health information available at that time. A return to campus is not predicated on a single set of metrics, rather the continued monitoring of local COVID-19 cases, guidance from public health officials, and collaboration with public and independent schools.

I am certain that opinions on resuming on campus this fall vary greatly in our community. Even health professionals disagree on the best path forward. While we all want to return to our campus as soon and as safely as possible, TCS is choosing to take a conservative approach at this time, one that we think will best position us for a successful year, with a return that is gradual and cautious

We continue to thank you for your support. We intend to provide your children with an excellent educational experience and look forward to partnering with you throughout the year, both virtually and in-person.

Be well and stay well, 

Carl Pelofsky
Head of School

Return to School Plan

Follow this link to read our reopening plan – July 22, 2020

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Reach out to our Student Support Team if you have questions or concerns specific to your child and their adjustment back to school. Contact Learning Specialist Katie Malone or School Counselor Tiffany Khang.