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Registration is now open for our online version of TCS Summer Adventures Day Camps! These camps are designed to engage campers ages 7 -11 by balancing online experiences with activities that will promote campers and families to get outside and experience the various thematic components of these camps. The leaders of these camps are TCS faculty, returning camp staff, and educators with experience leading online classes and activities.
Please note: if you registered for one or more of our canceled in-person camps, we are in the process of refunding those fees. Please contact me if you are registering for an online camp and would like to use a portion of your previous registration fee to cover the cost.
Online Camp Details
• All camps are online and offered for the month of June
• Designed for campers ages 7 – 11
• Campers must have a computer or iPad and access to the internet
• Camp leaders will host one or two live Zoom check-ins per day with campers (optional for campers)
• Scheduled check-ins and activities give campers the opportunity to engage from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday
• Camps will use the Google Classroom platform
• Minimal supplies needed to participate
• Supply and optional supply lists will be sent to families upon registration
• $100 per session


Week One: 6/1 – 6/5

Show-Me Missouri Session One (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Are you ready to  explore places that make Missouri fun and unique? Some of the locations highlighted in this camp will be the village of Caledonia, Alley Spring, and Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Crafts, activities, field trip itineraries and recommendations will be posted daily. You’ll learn all about our home state and explore what makes Missouri the “Show-Me State.” This camp has been broken up into two separate weeks of fun. Each session will offer different activities and locations, and campers can do one or both sessions. 

Lead: Elena Stone, Certified Elementary Educator / TCS Summer Camp Staff


Grow With It! (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Explore the world of plants and how they grow! It’s not always from seeds. Campers will look at the various parts of plants as well as their uses and even get a chance to grow their own. Campers will become more familiar with some of the plants in their own yards through activities and crafts. Activities may include propagating mint, starting a flower or vegetable from seed, dissecting a lima bean and observing one sprouting, identifying plants in the yard, and crafting with natural materials. 

Lead: Max Bruch, TCS Faculty / Garden and Greenhouse educator 


Week Two: 6/8 – 6/12

Marine Life and Conservation (Online)
Ages 7 – 11 

Let’s go to the ocean! If you’ve never been, we’d love to have you join us. If you’ve been before, share your experiences with us! Campers will take virtual trips to both coasts as we explore the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Uniquely different from one another, each is home to creatures of all shapes and sizes. We will explore ocean life and ways we can protect and preserve it. Activities may include neighborhood conservation walks, virtual field trips, drawings, craft projects, and brainstorming your favorite ways to protect the ocean through conservation.  

Lead: Katie Swarts – M.Ed. in Elementary Education / TCS Summer Camp Staff 


Week Three: 6/15 – 6/19

Wildlife Study/Backyard Safari (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Pull out your binoculars and hop in the Jeep, it’s time for a backyard safari! Observing the animals they encounter every day, campers will learn that while these critters may be common, they are anything but ordinary. Campers will get to know their wildlife neighbors and the ecosystem they call home: their own backyard. Activities may include behavioral analysis, terrarium construction, and practicing bird calls.

Lead: Ben Brotherton – TCS Summer Camp Staff 


Get Active Ninja Warrior (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Climb like a monkey, jump like a kangaroo, it’s time to learn and workout too! In this session, campers will learn about their body and the tissues that hold it together and get it moving. Campers will also have a mental workout as they use what they’ve learned to develop their own ninja warrior obstacle courses to test their and their family’s fine and gross motor skills. Activities may include stretching, lessons on muscles, tendons, ligaments, enhancing the mind-body connection, indoor/outdoor obstacle course creation, and basic sports nutrition.

Lead: Priscilla Calvird, M. Ed., Certified Early Childhood and Elementary Educator / TCS Summer Camp Staff


Around the World (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Get your passports ready for a virtual tour of the world! Campers will visit the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. We will make each country’s flag, learn a few words from the language, cook up a recipe, and listen to music from those regions and cultures. Activities may include online field trips, making a maraca, Day of the Dead skeleton, Jungle slime, word searches, creating the Leaning Tower of Pisa, finding your Chinese Zodiac symbol, and listening to stories from various countries. Join me on this wonderful adventure!

Lead: Melissa Ridings – TCS Faculty / First Grade Educator 


Week Four: 6/22 – 6/27

Indoor Funpark/MacGyver Funpark (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Using everyday household objects, campers will develop their engineering skills to build their own Funpark. Take your family to the movies in your personal movie theater. Defend your pillow fort from the canine cavalry. Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times as you ride the cardboard rails. The ceiling’s the limit! Camper projects may include Rube Goldberg style race tracks, pillow forts, and blanket home theaters.

Lead: Ben Brotherton, TCS Summer Camp Staff 


Down on the Farm (Online)
Ages 7 – 11

Come see what life on a farm is like! Camp lead, Priscilla Calvird, lives on and operates a farm right here in Missouri! Campers will virtually experience life on a working farm as they explore and learn about the various animals and equipment used to work and maintain her farm. You’ll get up close and personal with chickens, sheep, and horses and learn what’s needed to care for these animals. With lots of land, a large lake, and plenty of roaming wildlife, there is plenty to discover this week! Activities may include Tractor 101, learning to operate a Bobcat loader, grass inspection, livestock feeding and care, how to keep pests where they belong, plant growth, and flood maintenance. 

Lead: Priscilla Calvird, M. Ed., Certified Early Childhood and Elementary Educator / TCS Summer Camp Staff

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