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Students Participate in National Student Walkout

On March 14, 2018, administrators approved a student-organized walkout as part of the National Student Walkout. Regardless of where our Middle School students at The College School stand on any given issue, we wholeheartedly believe all students have the right to free speech, and the TCS faculty and administration supports their efforts to engage in the democratic process.

In our mission statement and core values, we ask students to “explore the world through authentic experiences, empowering [them] to engage deeply and be ready for what is next.” As teachers and administrators, we believe the responsibility is ours to help students learn how to become informed citizens, engage in civil discourse, and advocate for what they believe. This is particularly true of our Middle School students, as they have just completed their Second Trimester theme classes in which they learned about and studied ways in which people bravely and courageously chose to use their voice to speak up for change in the world.

To see moments from the student-led walkout, please watch this video.

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