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Seventh Grade Urban Experience Podcasts

As seventh graders explore the urban landscape of Saint Louis, they learn together what makes up the many different aspects of a community. The young explorers learn the complicated system that keeps a city running, using public transportation to explore neighborhoods and interact with local residents and business owners. They travel to different neighborhoods and communities in small groups every week to conduct research for a current issue of the times, absorbing the atmosphere that makes up a city while they interview people. Students use both studio days and field trips to prepare for their final project, which is a production of a dynamic and informative podcast. Finally, the class travels to Chicago for a four-day investigation of the city’s own unique urban qualities, visiting popular streets like Chinatown and interviewing people for a project called Humans of Chicago.

Visit our Seventh Grade Urban Experience Webpage and listen to their 2018 podcasts on Urban Decay, Medical Marijuana, Segregation, and more.

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