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Connecting students with what they’re reading by pairing texts with real world experiences

Middle School Teacher Sarah Gravemann recently had an article published in the Association for Middle Level Education Newsletter about the value of pairing texts with real-world experiences for students. Below is an excerpt.

Visit this link to read the full article.

Excerpt from “Connecting students with what they’re reading by pairing texts with real world experiences”:

Once we’ve learned to read, reading becomes a tool that helps us learn. Creating a learning experience that incorporates reading deeply, however, can be a challenge for today’s teachers. How can we make reading relevant for today’s students? How do we convince them that what they’re reading matters? At The College School, I think we’ve found a way.

By pairing readings with real world work in a service-learning course, students can better relate to and understand what they read.

The final course our students at The College School take before they graduate as eighth graders is a service-learning class. We partner with multiple local non-profit organizations, and throughout the trimester, students engage in a variety of service projects designed to reflect on the major pillars they’ve studied in their years at our school: human community and the environment.

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