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Why We Chose The College School

Why We Chose The College School
By Kathleen and Don Unwin, Parents of Maren (Class of 2018) and James (Class of 2021)

Our kids started attending Summer Camps at The College School when Maren was in First Grade and James was in preschool. We knew right away there was something very different and very special about TCS. The teachers running the camps took the time to get to know our kids. Every day they came home happy and stretched. They had a sense of belonging and contributing.

Our previous school was fine, but we had the nagging sense that school could and should be so much more. We quickly learned from spending time at camp that TCS was a hidden gem right in our backyard. This was the school we all wish we had experienced growing up. It took a few years (darn waitlist!) and just before the start of Maren’s Third Grade year we got the call that there would be an opening for both of our kids. We truly wish we had started even earlier.

Our kids are wonderfully unique individuals. They have different strengths and different opportunities for growth. We have found all of their needs have been met at TCS. We have seen them become kind, confident leaders. They know themselves and are much more open to the world around them than what we had experienced growing up.

Our daughter, Maren, graduated from Eighth Grade this spring. As she embarks on “what’s next,” as the school’s mission statement entones, she has the strongest possible foundation to move on with confidence. This was no accident. It came through years of care and thoughtful experiences all made possible by TCS and the amazing partnership of the teachers. They are the heart and soul of the school and are truly making a difference in the world.

We continue to be grateful for the time we’ve had at TCS and for the years ahead.

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