The College School is both an extraordinary opportunity and significant investment for families. Families now have the option to lock-in a guaranteed tuition rate during the years their student(s) are in a particular division (K-3rd, 4th-8th).

For those families who choose to make a longer-term commitment to TCS, this program will result in substantial savings. Families will now choose between a Divisional Contract (a set tuition rate) and a Standard Annual Contract (a one-year contract). The Guaranteed Tuition Program (GTP) divisions are:

Lower Division: K-3rd (up to four-year tuition lock-in, GTP begins in K)
Upper Division: 4th-8th (up to five-year tuition lock-in)

Our Guaranteed Tuition Program is an effort to appreciate and reward loyalty to The College School and create enduring partnerships with our families.


What is the difference between a Divisional Contract and the Standard Annual Contract?

Standard Annual Contract is the historical contract agreement we have had with our families. It is a one-year, binding contract with the parents and their student(s). The College School’s Board of Trustees sets tuition rates each year for the Standard Contract. Click here to see the tuition rates for the 2021-2022 school year.

Divisional Contract is an optional contract agreement families will be able to choose. A Divisional Contract is a multi-year agreement in which parents enroll their student for the duration of the student’s grade level division, and The College School agrees to lock-in the tuition at the time of signing for the duration of the contract.

How does the Guaranteed Tuition Program Work?

Families may choose to opt in to a Divisional Contract (and, therefore, a set tuition rate), which will remain in effect for the years the student is in the division. When the student enters the next division, families will have the choice to opt in to a new Divisional Contract or choose a Standard Annual Contract. Tuition for Divisional Contracts can be paid through one of our payment plan options.

Lower Division: Kindergarten-Third grades (up to four-year term)
Upper Division: Fourth-Eighth grades (up to five-year term)

What are the benefits of the Guaranteed Tuition Program, and how much will it save my family?

Your family will know the total tuition cost for the years their student(s) stay(s) in the division. For a student enrolled in the program from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, the cost savings for that family is estimated to be $11,043 per student.

Who should sign a Divisional Contract?

Families who plan to stay for a student’s entire division term will benefit from signing a Divisional Contract.

Can our family sign a Divisional Contract if our student is not entering Kindergarten or Fourth Grade?

Yes. Your student does not have to be entering Kindergarten or Fourth Grade to sign a Divisional Contract.

What happens if our family has a significant financial hardship during the term of the Divisional Contract?

If your family suffers a financial hardship for any reason, you should contact the school to discuss our financial aid program. The school will always consider its ability to support your family through available funds from this program.

Will my family still be eligible for Financial Aid if we choose a Divisional Contract?

Choosing a Divisional Contract will not impact your family’s eligibility for financial aid. As a benefit, families choosing a Divisional Contract will only need to complete the FACTS application the first year of the Divisional Contract. If your family qualifies for aid, you will receive the aid amount each year through the end of the Divisional Contract. If there is a material change in your family’s financial situation during the Divisional Contract period, your family should contact the school to discuss options.

Families choosing the Standard Annual Contract will continue to apply for financial aid each year if applicable, and awards will be determined.

What if our family chooses to leave The College School during a Divisional Contract term?

We understand there are extenuating circumstances that could prevent your family from fulfilling a Divisional Contract. However, a Divisional Contract is a longer-term agreement. Qualifying reasons for release are enumerated in the contract. If your family does not qualify for release from the Divisional Contract, fees will apply, also outlined in the contract.

How can The College School afford to offer this program?

Our efforts in evaluating this new Divisional Contract option have been focused on ensuring this is a sustainable model for the school both now and into the foreseeable future. We completed conservative financial modeling scenarios that look forward, years into the future, to ensure we will be able to continue the quality families have come to expect. These models included anticipated salary and benefit increases, possible new programming, and other factors critical to a healthy school. We expect that this initiative, coupled with our unique experiential educational program, will improve retention and increase demand.

Is the Divisional Contract option offered for The College School's two-year preschool program?

At this time, our Divisional Contract option is available for families starting in Kindergarten. 

Why can't my family lock in tuition for the entire K-8 experience?

Our tuition model must be sustainable for the school to ensure the quality that families have come to expect. For this reason, we are not able to offer a K-8 guaranteed tuition lock at this time. 

Questions about our Guaranteed Tuition Program? Contact the Admissions Office at (314) 962-9355 or admissions@thecollegeschool.org.