At The College School, we are committed to helping each child explore their identity in order to find and develop their voice. Each identity, each voice, should be honored and celebrated by all members of our community, for they are the result of who each child is as an individual. They connect that child to a family and to the cultural identity and background(s) with which their family identifies.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bitmoji Classroom

No Place for Hate

The College School has been designated No Place for Hate through the ADL’s Education Program. As a school community, we believe it is imperative to provide a welcoming space for all, and we are encouraged by the hard work our community did to earn this designation.

Black Lives Matter

In a time plagued by the pandemic of COVID-19, there is also another pandemic that we are living through – racism. TCS Administration gathered to install a Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner. While this flag is a small step in support of the fight for the liberation of Black lives; our school knows we still have systems that we ourselves need to rethink, rework, and redesign. We’re striving to be the change we hope to see, we’re learning how to become anti-racism advocates.

Every child has a voice, and we work everyday to make sure that voice is heard and respected.

Our equity and inclusion mission statement serves as a touchstone to all of our efforts in curriculum, service, social-emotional learning, admissions, student and family support, and interaction with the larger St. Louis community. We look forward to partnering with you! For inquiries, contact Director of Equity & Inclusion Tiffany Khang.