“At The College School we believe that equity and inclusion should be reflected in who is a part of our community, and also in how we live, learn, and grow together. We provide students with foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills that allow them to be a community of diverse, independent thinkers and inclusive, mindful learners, who feel comfortable and welcome sharing their perspective, while also seeking to understand and value the perspectives of others in the community.”

Our commitment to equity, inclusion, and social justice is best reflected through our approach to identity, agency, and sustainability.


At The College School, we are committed to helping each child explore their identity in order to find and develop their voice. Each identity, each voice, should be honored and celebrated by all members of our community, for they are the result of who each child is as an individual. They connect that child to a family and to the cultural identity and background(s) with which their family identifies.


At the core of all equity, inclusion, and social justice work, identity sits at the foundation. At The College School we start with knowing, understanding, and honoring who we are and what we believe, need, and value; from this place we can find commonalities, and explore and appreciate our differences. Through identity, we acknowledge the richness and wealth of knowledge and perspective that diversity brings to our community.

At The College School we believe that a central element of social justice education is instilling a sense of personal agency within each of our students. In order for students to seek justice and work towards equity within their communities, they must first see themselves as change agents. From our Reggio Emilia-based early childhood program, where students learn to advocate on behalf of themselves, to our Diversity Council and Student Service Leadership Program in our middle school, our students are learning and growing into active and aware global citizens.

We believe not only in teaching children how to acknowledge and celebrate difference, but also in equipping them with the skills to communicate, collaborate, and sustain relationships across difference. At The College School we strive to develop young stewards of the community, who recognize that in order to sustain a diverse community, all members must be committed to understanding, allyship, equity, and trust.

Our equity and inclusion statement serves as a touchstone to all of our efforts in curriculum, service, social-emotional learning, admissions, student and family support, and interaction with the larger St. Louis community. The work of creating a caring and inclusive “beloved community” is never done, and there is much to do. We will continue to focus time and resources around all aspects of being an equitable and inclusive community.

Every child has a voice, and we work everyday to make sure that voice is heard and respected.